Specialized Roubaix: Review and Discussion

Fierce and fast is the name of the game with the Specialized Roubaix bike series. This series is made for professional riders who cycle on a variety of road surfaces. With similar geometries and very different price points, it might be difficult for you to determine what Roubaix is a good option for you. Our … Read more

Cannondale Synapse Bike Reviews

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Surly Cross-Check Bike Review

The manufacturer bills the Surly Cross-Check as a cyclocross bike. But it goes beyond that definition in several ways. This steel commuter bike is versatile for users who want to have a say in all component choices while striking an excellent balance between comfort and performance. We’ll compare it to other models in the line … Read more

Cannondale Road Bike Review

Wise bike shoppers will find joy in the Cannondale CAAD8 bike series. This entry-level road bike series offers a few upgrades and some additional value for each bike model while keeping the basic geometry and purpose of the bikes the same. This review highlights the four models in the Cannondale road bike series to overview … Read more

Giant Escape 2

Cannondale bills the Giant Escape 2 as an all-around bicycle designed for fitness, commuting, and on-road versatility, which gives it a lot of latitude in the specs and the features that it will emphasize in its geometry. We’ll look at how the manufacturer has fared with other bikes in its lineup and compare other models … Read more

Kestrel Bikes: Which One Should You Ride?

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Trek 7.2 FX

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Specialized Allez Reviews

Review of the Top 5 Models If you’re in the market for a high-performing entry-level road bike that won’t break the bank, then you likely can find what you need in the Specialized Allez series. This guide focuses on five of the most popular bikes from the series in a range of price points to … Read more

The Best Road Bikes Under $1500!

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Specialized Diverge Review

You want a bike that can do it all — get you to work in the morning and take you off-road on the weekend. Specialized’s Diverge line of bikes is designed as adventure bikes, meaning they can perform well on the road, but they also do well in rougher  terrain. Let’s talk about the Diverge’s … Read more